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1. Include the Start date and time and the End date and time. If your event happens on multiple dates,

and all details, including times, are the same, list it only once and specify additional dates in “recurring details”. Repeating events with different times must be listed separately. Be sure to include the end date, ex: Every Friday through Nov. 3, 2023. Move the slider to set the time.

2. Be sure to fill out the Short description field.

DO NOT REPEAT THE TITLE OF THE EVENT AS YOUR SHORT DESCRIPTION. Make it descriptive and compelling, using approx. 10 to 20 words. Listings with no short description will not be published.

3. Include the Cost of the event in the cost field or the description, unless it is free.

(Enter a number only, not $0. You can include details in your description if there are multiple prices.)

4. Location is the name and address of the event venue, NOT your personal name and address.

Please put only the city in the City field, not CA, not the zip code. Omit location for online events.

5. Double-check your date and time and your short description.

6. If you do not see “Your event has been submitted”

after clicking “Submit Event”, or you have any problem, email Deborah at now [at]

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