Listen Local w/ Ceni at Hopmonk Sebastopol

Sat, January 7, 2023, 7:30 pm

Brittany Aquamarine Known for songwriting and singing unique and intricate piano and guitar-based songs since 2004, Brittany’s newest songs, and first-time series of single releases in 2021 have electronic beats and bass grooves as a foundation. This new sound, what has been called, ecstatically jazzed ethereality, is also peppered with layered musical instrumentation.

Julie and the Wheelbarrow

An eclectic bluegrass-based trio, Julie and the Wheelbarrow have been wowing fans at the HopMonk Open Mic since Summer, 2022.  Aaron Bertucci, Travis Runyon and Alec Reshefsky are known to mesmerize audiences with their intricate harmonies, killer licks and overall approachable vibe.

Stav Mcallister (Replacing Mood Jungle)
I tend to focus on what brings people together, as opposed to what tears people apart. And I think that starts with allowing myself to be vulnerable in my songs.” Burgeoning West Coast songsmith Stav is explaining the personal and creative philosophy that has driven the journey towards his debut EP Borders, which is due out early in 2020. He’s just 21, but has actually been performing in front of an audience for nearly a decade, having made his first open mic appearance all the way back in 6th grade. What has compelled him on since then is actually an extraordinarily encouraging audience – something obviously not easy to come by. Indeed, he recalls that at subsequent gigs, “there was always at least one person that would come up to me and say, ‘Wow, you should keep doing this.




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HopMonk Tavern – Sebastopol

230 Petaluma Ave - Sebastopol

Price: $10.00