On Stage in Sonoma County

Experience the magic of theatre!

Theatre offers a captivating experience for audience members. All the elements of a live show – the actors, sets, and costumes— combine to make you feel like you’re actually stepping into someone else’s shoes instead of watching from the outside.
Unlike a movie, a theatre performance is never the same show twice; it’s a vibrant experience that is unique to that particular audience.
And, remember that the shows we enjoy in Sonoma County are produced largely by members of our community, working on the stage and behind the scenes to entertain and engage us.
So get out and see a show!

Apr. 28-May 13, 2023
Pass Over at Left Edge Theatre

Directed by Serena Elize-Flores, written by Antoinette Nwandu. Two black men stand on an American street corner, passing the time. Woven into the familiar patterns of their small talk are their fears, dreams, and hopes for a future promised land. When their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of two strangers, everything they’ve discussed is suddenly thrown into question. With a deliberate nod to ‘Waiting for Godot,’ PASS OVER is both a joyful celebration and a powerful lament for the experience of the black man in America.

Tuck Everlasting at Spreckels Performing Arts Center

May 5-21, 2023
Tuck Everlasting – The Musical at Spreckels Performing Arts Center

Music by Chris Miller; Lyrics by Nathan Tysen

Get ready to be swept away by the enchanting world of Tuck Everlasting the Musical, a heartwarming tale of a young girl’s journey of self-discovery and a family’s struggle with immortality. With a beautiful score, stunning visuals, and an emotional storyline, Tuck Everlasting promises to be a must-see for audiences of all ages.

Smart People at 6th Street Playhouse

May 11-28, 2023
Smart People at 6th Street Playhouse

Written by Lydia Diamond

A Provocative and Humorous Exposé on the Nature of Prejudice.
Four Harvard-associated professionals search for love, success and identity while attempting to navigate the intricacies of racial and sexual politics.

Noel Coward's hay feever at The raven Performing Arts theater

May 12-28, 2023
Noel Coward’s Hay Fever at Raven Performing Arts Theater

Written by: Noel Coward
Directed by: Katie Watts-Whitaker

Hay Fever is one of Noel Coward’s most durable comedies, continuing to delight audiences with its astute observations on family relationships and rivalries. Hoping for a quiet weekend in the country with some guests, David Bliss, a novelist, and his wife Judith, a retired actress, find quietude an impossible dream when their high-spirited children, Simon and Sorel, appear with guests of their own. A houseful of drama waits to be ignited as misunderstandings and tempers flare.

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