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Performing Arts in Sonoma County

Sept. 16-Oct. 3: “Murder for Two” at 6th Street Playhouse

Murder for Two 6th Street Playhouse

With its blend of Agatha Christie-like intrigue, vaudeville, slapstick and two terribly talented actors—not to mention a piano, this noir-ish tale delivers a ridiculously fun farce.
A small-town policeman dreams of becoming a full-fledged detective. One fateful night at a surprise party, a crime novelist is killed…fatally. With the nearest detective an hour away, the officer jumps at the chance to prove he’s up on crime-scene protocol.
But whodunnit?

Sept. 10-26: “Cry It Out” at Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma

Cry It Out at Cinnabar Theater

A candid comedy about who gets to make which hard choices in the tinderbox of parenthood and class in the United States.

Jessie is a corporate lawyer in a Manhattan firm. Lina is a community college dropout and born-and-bred Long Islander. They do not seem to have anything in common, but marooned at home with infants, they strike up a fast friendship. In the yard between their houses they bond over sleep deprivation, unreliable childcare, and “having it all.”

SRJC Summer Repertory Theatre
Summer Rep Theatre

Songs We Were Meant to Sing: A Video Collection From Our Lost Seasons

Watch clips of musicals intended to be performed in SRT’s canceled 2020 and 2021 seasons by the actors meant to sing them. SRT will return in 2022.