9 to 5, The Musical at 6th Street Playhouse

Fri, June 24, 2022, 7:30 pm

“…Dolly Parton’s retro revenge fantasy is as subtle as a sledgehammer, but its advocacy of workplace equality makes it hard to dislike.” –The Guardian

Think back to the time when women were just entering the workforce in large numbers, armed with shoulder pads, perms and pant suits, hopes and expectations.  9 to 5 is a tale of three such women.

9 to 5 is full of great music and funny moments, but it also exposes how much work is left to be done to achieve equality. It’s our hope that when you walk out of the theater humming songs from the show, you just might be moved to take action!

Cast & Characters

Doralee Rhodes, played by Anne Warren Clark is the warmhearted office beauty that is greatly misjudged by her peers at work.

Violet Newstead, played by Daniella Innocenti Beem is the hardworking, spunky, veteran of the office who’s dreams of being CEO are held back by her misogynistic boss.

Judy Bernly, played by Julianne Bradbury is a recently divorced young woman who is in over her head at her very first job.

Roz Keith, played by Jill Wagoner is the goodie-two shoes snitch who is desperately in love with her boss.

Franklin Hart Jr. played by Mark Bradbury is the misogynistic head of it all who has only his own best interests in mind.

Completing the cast are Ezra Hernandez, Noah Sternhill, Michael Coury Murdock, Stephanie Fields, Mario Herrera, Malia Abayon, Norman Hall, Aja Gianola-Norris, Alanna Weatherby, Austin Aquino Harrison, Bethany Cox, Harriette Pearl Fugitt, Nafe Nafe and Skyler King.

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6th Street Playhouse

52 W. 6th Street - Santa Rosa