John McCutcheon's Virtual Left Coast Tour

Sat, January 9, 2021, 4:00 pm

“Every January for over thirty years I’ve been touring in California. It’s a family reunion, a gathering of the tribe, a post-holiday celebration, an annual check-in…and a restorative joy for me. I couldn’t imagine missing this year. Especially this year. I’ve been writing up a storm, so there’ll be loads of new songs and stories, plus plenty of old favorites. We’re gathering the presenting partners who’ve sponsored me all these years so that they could benefit from these live-streaming concerts, as well. So please, buy your ticket(s) here since a portion of every ticket sold will help to support the people and organizations that have brought us together so often.. That way some of the bounty will remain in your community. It’s some of the best kind of recycling. Thanks for adapting to this New Abnormal. See you soon…and see you, in person!…in 2022!”

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