Red Carpet Streaming of the film, Love Heals

Tue, November 29, 2022, 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Watch LOVE HEALS, get inspired, and share the message to help us spread more health, happiness, and peace to the world!

Join us Tuesday, Nov 29th @ 5:30pm for a Red Carpet Streaming of the film, Love Heals, at the Luminary Education Center in Petaluma. 

Appetizers, champagne, and sparkling beverages will be served.

Live ZOOM interactive Q&A with the filmmakers at 7:00 PM

Support the Love Heals movement by wearing the official t-shirts and other merch to this event.

Option 1: Join us on November 29th at 5:30 PM PT for a special broadcast of award m-winning LOVE HEALS followed by a 7pm Q&A with film makers.

Option 2: Watch from home : buy ticket stream on demand 11/25-11/30 and zoom in for the film makers Q &A.

Either way Purchase $15 ticket and watch the trailer at;

About LOVE HEALS follows the journey of Dana, a chronic pain sufferer in search of healing, and her partner, Krisanna, a filmmaker, as they travel the country together to understand how this ancient mind-body energy principle has helped so many heal, and to see what’s possible for those experiencing these practices for the first time. Viewers will hear from people whose lives have been transformed by these ancient energy principles and learn tangible tools to help improve their overall health and well-being.

With a combination of experts, energy healers, master trainers, and everyday people struggling with chronic illness or pain, the film balances the research of acclaimed scientists like Bruce Lipton with the wisdom of globally renowned energy healers.

Film run time: 82 minutes

To learn more, visit the LOVE HEALS  

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Luminary Education Center

1301 Southpoint Blvd - Petaluma

Price: $15.00