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Jewish Music Series: Tears Joy and Hope, Yiddish Songs of the Jewish Ghetto

Thu, October 7, 2021, 5:30 pm

During a time when millions of Jews were facing death, music found a way into their lives. Jews composed music as they lived, fought and died in the ghettos across Europe. “Tears, Joy and Hope: Yiddish Songs Written in the Jewish Ghetto” were written by Jewish poets and composers who perished in the Holocaust. Everyday life in the ghetto is revealed through the rich, colorful and complex language of Yiddish. A PowerPoint presentation of historical photos and translations for each song will be projected onto a screen, as a professional musical ensemble of accordion and cello creates the mood of a people living in desperate times.

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Green Music Center, Schroeder Hall – Sonoma State University

1801 E Cotati Blvd - Rohnert Park